This Frequently Asked Questions page is designed to answer common questions.

Why should all members sign up for an account on this website?

The HOA needs permission from every member to send them emails. This is a legal requirement by the State of Michigan.

The HOA is a legal entity in the State of Michigan. It must keep a record of each member’s contact information. This website helps the HOA keep our records up to date and provides a way for members to easily contact the HOA.

The HOA needs to update its membership list. We’ve had many people move in and out of the neighborhood recently, and we want to make sure everything is up to date.

If your home is owned by two adults, only one email address is needed. However, you can both sign up if you want to have two logins to view HOA information.

What if I provided my email address in the past? Do I need to sign up for an account?

Yes, please. We want to make sure all our information is up to date, and this is the easiest way to do it.

This process seems kind of formal. Does it have to be?

The HOA is a legal entity in Michigan. The board has a fiduciary duty to manage it well and must follow the Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act 162 of 1982.

The HOA must keep clean, concise records. The HOA must be able to give account of its operations and finances.

The Board of Directors wants to be transparent in how it manages the HOA. This website was created to be a tool for accountability and transparency.

Can I pay my annual dues with a credit or debit card?

Yes! The new online payment system allows you to securely pay your annual dues with a credit or debit card.

How safe is paying online?

We use Stripe to securely process payments. Stripe handles billions of dollars every year for  businesses around the world. The HOA never sees or stores your credit/debit card information.

How much does Stripe cost?

Stripe charges $0.00 per month for an account. It also charges a nominal processing fee that is in-line with the industry for processing credit cards. You can view more information on the Stripe website. Offering credit card payments is a best practice for organizations and it allows payments to be collected faster, easier, and with greater accountability. All the data feeds into the HOA accounting system.

Can I pay with a check?

You may mail a check to the address on your invoice, but the HOA prefers to receive online payments.

Can I pay with cash?

No, the HOA no longer accepts cash payments.

Why does the Board want to send email notifications? Why not just use the USPS and mail letters?

There are 74 members in our association. It is cumbersome and slow to address, stamp, and mail letters to 74 homes.

At the time of this writing, stamps cost $0.55 each. When we send a notice or invoice, the financial cost is over $40.07.

Email is a better use of time and money, and allows the HOA to contact members for frequently and easily.

How do I submit questions to the HOA?

Please use the Contact form on this website to submit questions or email us.

How quickly should I expect a response from the HOA?

The HOA tries to respond to all questions as quickly as possible. The Board of Directors are volunteers who take their jobs seriously. You should expect to receive an answer within 2-5 business days, but sometimes it takes longer. Some questions may be answered immediately.

Does the Board monitor social media?

No, the Board does not have the capacity to monitor social media. Facebook and social media are not a secure or organized communication channel for the HOA.

The Board does not use social media to post information about finances, members, and other secure topics.

Social media is transient. This website is designed to be a permanent, organized, centralized resource for members for years to come.

How does the Board use social media?

The Board sometimes uses social media to communicate broad messages. For example, the Board may post a notification on Facebook directing members to view updated information on this secure website.

Are Board members paid?

No, Board members are volunteers.

Why does the HOA have an accounting system and website?

The Board is legally required to collect dues and maintain payment records.

The accounting system also serves as a record and receipt for payments so members can prove they paid their dues.

These systems benefit our members and help the Board accomplish our legal responsibilities and mission.

The accounting system allows us to track financial information from year to year. It also keeps the HOA records organized.

Many people move in and out of our neighborhood. It is the responsibility of the Board to track all of this information. For example, when a person moves in to the neighborhood, they must pay a transfer fee. Also, realtors need a way to contact the Board to request a Disclosure Statement for closing. This is often done on an emergency basis.

The accounting system and website allows our members to pay their dues safely and securely online. This saves time and makes people feel secure, because they know their payment information has been recorded and tracked in an official accounting system.

How much does the accounting software cost?

You can view budget information on the Budget page if you are logged in.

How much did the initial fee/license cost the HOA for the accounting system?

There was no initial fee.

How often does the HOA do special assessments? Do I have to pay extra?

You can view this information on the Budget page if you are logged in.

Why is a website important?

This website is designed to increase transparency, communication, and organization for our Board and membership.

We hope to use this website to build our community and provide information to our members.

This website seems very advanced. How much did it cost?

As of May 2019, this website would have cost approximately $5,500.00 to build. The entire cost has been underwritten by a member of the HOA. This means $0.00 of HOA funds has been paid so the members can benefit from this website.

What software powers the website?

The website is built using WordPress, which is a free content management system (CMS). It is also the most popular CMS in the world.

Why is the HOA paying for Business email service?

This is a best practice for any business or organization. The cost is minimal and allows the HOA to maintain better records. It also allows the HOA to maintain ownership and control of the email accounts. For example, when a new president is elected, they can take over the email account called

Can I add events or information to this website?

If you want information posted, please Contact the Board directly.

Where in the bylaws does it say the HOA is allowed to send an annual invoice by email?

When the bylaws were written, email was not included as an option for contacting HOA members. However, the State of Michigan updated the Nonprofit Corporation Act so that the HOA can send emails to members, as long as the member agrees and provides their email address.

To make the process of giving notices to members of Rush Creek Crossing Homeowner’s Association, Inc. (the “Association”) easier, more efficient and more cost effective, the Board of Directors is requesting each member of the Association to consent to receiving any and all notices from the Association by electronic transmission (i.e., email). Electronic transmission will dramatically reduce the Board of Directors’ effort that goes into generating and mailing the notices to each home, and will save the Association the cost of postage.

What if I do not want an account on the Rush Creek Crossing website?

You are not required to have an account on the RCC website. However, the website is the primary medium the HOA uses to share information securely to the membership in an organized manner.

Can I consent to email notifications even if I don’t sign up for an account on the RCC website?

Yes! Please email with your home address and the phrase: “I consent to receiving any and all notices from Rush Creek Crossing Homeowner’s Association, Inc. by electronic transmission.”